“I have the deepest respect for his musical abilities. He walks in the same path as the great ones: Joe Henderson, Don Myrick to be mentioned in the same light. I have a great belief in his talents. He will continue to make contributions in the time to come.” Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire


Richard Howell has been a musician, music producer and educator for over 30 years. He has contributed his skills to the recordings and performances of emerging artists and established icons such as Etta James, B.B. King, Chaka Khan, Ray Charles, Maurice White, Taj Mahal, Salif Keita, Tumoni Deibate and Carlos Santana, Jazz artist,Jimmy Smith , Cecil Taylor, Don Cherry,Billy Higgins, Charlie Haden, Hilton Ruiz, Bobby Watson, Regina Cater, Babatunde Lea, Omar Sosa and many more…

An active advocate of jazz and youth education as instructor with the renowned Oaktown Jazz Workshops, James Henry’s Samba Samba Children’s workshops , San Francisco Symphony’s AIM project in addition the Jazz History Lecture/workshop series entitled Richard Howell JazzTree Education .

Richard is constantly developing his own prestigious projects, his latest planned undertakings to date include :
-The Jazz Crusaders Tribute Cd – Berlin, Germany release date TBA
-The Classic Rock Jazz Project – Hamburg ,Germany release date TBA
-Richard Howell & Sudden Changes – San Jose ,California release date TBA
-The Love in Marin Project ( released)
-The Richard Howell Quintet (released)
-Production with Dr Ryman and Lester Chambers ( in development )
-Priestess De Hygh ( in development )
-Gregory Dawson -Richard Howell Ballet Project TBA ( in development )

Richard has this to say about his music :
“The culmination of these music forms helped and inspired me to create what I referred to as Bridge Music”

“Bridge Music has its roots in all the music that excites me . It is music that bridges the present to the future with respect of the music of the past. The spirit of jazz is the influential element!”

“It’s coincidental that I travel in the Bay Area spreading the music across the Richmond , Bay and the famous Golden Gate bridges ”

His energetic and expressive musicianship, passion for the unique, indigenous American art form of Jazz. Richard aims to share an important cultural influence, connecting us to each other and, ultimately, to our planet.





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